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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Either/Or: Time or Money

It seems when I have time, I have no money and when I have money, I have no time.  If I had both simultaneously I’m not sure I would know what to do!  I might be very impulsive and buy Gucci or Prada. 

But, I’m not a Gucci or Prada kind of gal, you see.  I’m not sure I would even know designer accessories if they were mingled with a whole bunch of no-name ones.  I would probably have a thought process about the practicality, color and number of pockets in a purse and the height of the heel and width of the toes in the shoes and never even notice the brand.  

I am practical at heart.  $500 for a purse?  Not on your life!  $1,250 for a wool coat?  Never.  If money was no object I would buy the best (within reason).  But I'm a starving artist.  And I don’t own one thing that’s expensive or glamorous.  I love my $12 Dress Barn heels!

It's not that I abhor the idea of designer labels and fashionable things.  I admire people with a real sense of fashion and flair.   But in fact, according to one special person in my life, my wardrobe more resembles Marian the Librarian.  Perhaps the glamorous ritzy lifestyle is more for someone who would appreciate the signature characteristics of top brands.   Or maybe I'm just too practical and consider comfort too important to wear the latest things.  Whichever reason prevails, I strive to be myself...and perhaps I, in fact, resemble Marian the Librarian :)

If I had time and money simultaneously I may have the propensity to be reckless or a spendthrift.  I might also do a lot of good.  Only God knows.  For now, I'll cherish what I have and hope that one day I might be blessed with a personal style coach.  Until then its back to the library for me.

Think about it:  If you had unlimited time and unlimited money, where would you put yourself in the world?  Do brand names and labels mean anything to you?  Why is that?   Do you know the label on you reads: Made in Heaven?