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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independent Day

I remember as a kid I wanted to do everything myself.  I was very independent.  And I still am.  Dependence on others isn't a bad thing, but I'll confess I don't ask for help for very much.   So as we ponder our freedoms tomorrow we should also ponder from what we would like to be independent of  (spouses and children are exempt, sorry!)  

I would like to be independent of worry, the now & then feelings of defeat, the voice that says "that's impossible!" and independent of  debt and about 50 lbs.  We should wave flags tomorrow and see fireworks and ponder all the ways that we can be free of the things that keep us dependant.  Maybe you want to be off a medication, or to be free of your assorted piles.  Maybe you want to be free of regret or your timidity.   Maybe you want to be free of fear or weeds. Whatever it is, there's only one way to start the freedom: you have to start!   Do something, anything.  Try something else if that doesn't work.   Don't listen to those pesky doubts and don't be easily discouraged--one small step every day til the piles or the pounds or medication is gone.   Be independent on this Independence Day--see every firework and sparkler as my personal message of encouragement to you.  Celebrate freedom and celebrate YOU!


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