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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Everyday Olympians

Out of obscurity athletes from all over the world are being praised and crowned with honor this week, cheered on and lifted up as contemporary heroes in the 2012 Summer Olympics.   Some of their stories are quite remarkable--overcoming great odds, financial burden and injuries to stand among the best of the best in the world…Hard fought battles with great rewards.

 Noting the fervor of activity surrounding the Olympics has given me pause to consider all the everyday Olympians that are overlooked.   Consider the small business owner who carefully maneuvers daily to ensure the payroll is maintained and the doors are open...they are heroes in small towns.   Or the teacher who could earn twice the wage in an occupation requiring less effort but is passionate about students and learning... they teach our future generations with little thanks.  Or consider the farmer who maintains his small piece of the earth preserving a family tradition in an era of strip malls on prime soil.  Where are the medals for these remarkable persons? 

I love the Olympics as much as the next person...they celebrate the seemingly endless limits of the human body and spirit.   We should also consider our everyday Olympians--those that work hard day after day to make our lives better, who continue time honored work and traditions.  Let's celebrate them as they daily run the race...they are so much of what makes the world great.

Think about it:   Are there persons you feel are undervalued or underappreciated in society?   You may not be able to tackle the whole problem, but is there someway in which your point of view toward these persons might be cause for some action on your part?  

Have a creative day!

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